Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Associate VDC Manager - Concrete and Rebar (RCC) Modeling and Detailing

Pune, Maharashtra
Work Type: Full Time
vConstruct is looking for a team player who is passionate about building structures and VDC to join its structural team. vConstruct’ s structural team works primarily in the area of design and construction integration for the structural scope on construction projects by the application of VDC principles, processes and tools. The building types we cater to are primarily commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, life sciences facilities, advance technology buildings and higher education buildings. Our primary area of engagement is in contract drawings review, modeling, coordination, quantification, detailing, layout drawing, erection drawing and fabrication drawing generation. Driven by the goal to transform the construction industry by the use of technology, we continually strive to leverage technology in all possible ways to support building better, smarter and faster.

An Associate VDC Manager is expected to bring his/her previous years of experience in use towards an effective team work to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality work to our customers. They will apply knowledge of RCC structural systems, 3D modeling and use of BIM / VDC to deliver models and drawings of concrete and rebar with an intent to provide accurate and relevant information to the engineering team, fabrication team in the shop and the construction crew in the field thereby avoiding any rework and improving overall productivity in the design to build process. Additionally, successful candidates will support the team with engineering and technical know-how, construction knowledge and Tekla and Revit software implementation.

Key Responsibilities:

Associate VDC Manager is accountable for successful delivery of projects. Indicative responsibilities include:
    Project set up, including model set up in Tekla and Revit.
    Carefully study project documents - drawings, details, RFIs and addendums.  Identify missing information, discrepancies, and constructability issues.  Establish clear project scope.
    Estimate the time and effort it will take to deliver. Define delivery milestones and coordinate with the customer to set expectations.
    Perform and Manage modelling process to deliver high quality, accurate 3D models for concrete and rebar using Tekla and Revit software and applying knowledge of RCC systems, constructability, and previous experience.
    Ensure coordination of structural scope with other building systems.
o    Familiarity with Navisworks and BIM-Track to understand and communicate coordination issues.
    Manage drawing and BIM-to Field deliverable production and quality.
    Ensure that team is applying best practice technical and software workflows.
    Check the quality of work for accuracy before submissions to client teams.  Meet quality metrics established for project.
    Manage cost, schedule, and resource planning; also, in case when managing multiple projects.
    Manage client communication. Proactive and responsive engagement with the customer. Most client meetings will happen between 5 PM and 10 PM IST.
    Manage project progress through systematic documentation, issues log, meeting minutes and project reports.
    Other non- project responsibilities include:
o    Training and coaching other team members, doing technical training of new hires.
o    Document best practice workflows, checklists, and templates.
o    Incorporate lessons learned from projects to continually improve the project delivery plan for future projects.
o    Improvise workflows by applying new features in tools, automation.

Desired Qualifications and Qualities:

We are looking for a flexible, detail-oriented team player with the ability to manage multiple tasks, produce quality work, and consistently meet deadlines.
The successful candidate will possess:
    Passion for construction processes, VDC, BIM software and construction technology.
    A strong work ethic and a “can-do” attitude.
    At least 5 years of hands-on experience in working in Tekla Structures or other 3D modeling tools for modeling and drawing generation.  The candidate should have hands-on experience in working with drawing template settings and Custom components.
    Experience of leading and managing team activities like quality assurance and quality control, resource planning, training and other day-to-day project functions for at least 2 years with a team of over 3 people.
    Strong communication skills. Is experienced in client relation management.
    Knowledge of rebar process including design, procurement, fabrication, and installation using BIM / VDC processes for Cast in place and precast structures.  
    Working knowledge of structural codes and construction methods in India and U.S.A.

About vConstruct
Building Better, Smarter, Faster is in our DNA
We are a team of 400+ enthusiastic construction engineering and technology experts who are passionate about increasing the predictability of building better products by applying smarter processes while striving for faster delivery. We provide services and solutions to the Construction Industry in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Project Controls Management, Accounting, Software Development, Data Science and Analytics. On any given day, we make an impact on 100+ construction projects across the globe through our services and solutions.
We are a subsidiary of DPR Construction, a USA based technical builder that specializes in highly complex projects in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Advance Technology, Higher Education and Commercial buildings.

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