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Project Engineer - VDC

Pune, Maharashtra   |   Full Time

vConstruct is looking for motivated and dynamic individuals with a passion for VDC to join the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team.  As part of the VDC team, Project Engineer – VDC will engage in various VDC processes ranging from modeling, field deliverables, model coordination, reality capture analysis, visual planning and progress tracking, model-based estimating and BIM for FM.

Key Responsibilities:

The VDC Engineer creates Building Information Models (BIMs), i.e., 3D/4D/5D computer models / simulations for commercial construction projects using Virtual Construction and Design (VDC) tools and methods.  

Project Engineer is accountable to create high quality deliverables and outputs on schedule using best practice workflows, act independently to manage the assigned work and deliverables, and work closely with project lead and project manager to plan project implementation.  

Indicative project responsibilities include:

1.    Study drawings, and other project related documents like RFIs and addendums.  Make necessary changes in models accordingly.

2.    Developing BIM with various levels of detail (LOD 300 and above) for Structure, MEP, Architecture and site as per design documents and BIM XP.

3.    Quality check models for completeness, accuracy and constructability based on design drawings and construction know-how.  Use automation wherever possible.

4.    Do model based analysis for coordination, sequencing (4D), estimation (5D) and facilities management (6D) as per project requirements. 

5.    Check the quality of work for accuracy before submissions to client teams.  Meet quality metrics established for project.

6.    Project set up in relevant software like Revit, Tekla, Navisworks, Synchro and Assemble.

7.    Participate and manage project planning and implementation for estimates, schedule and resources.  

8.    Communicate and participate in meetings with onsite project POCs and clients. Most client meetings will happen between 5 PM and 10 PM IST.

Other non- project responsibilities include,

9.    Analyze BIM data in using database tools and power BI visualization

10.    Training and coaching other team members, doing technical training of new hires.

11.    Apply and improvise best practice technical and software workflows.

12.    Research new features in tools and explore automation to improve current workflows.

Desired Qualifications and Qualities:

The foremost quality desired is a passion for Construction Technology, including but not limited to VDC.  Successful candidates will demonstrate agility to adopt new technology, attention to detail to ensure accurate information for construction personnel in site, eager to experiment and learn, and work in a highly collaborative and creative team set up will be s

The successful candidate will possess: 

1.    Working knowledge of BIM and VDC methods and softwares.

2.    Knowledge of overall construction process ranging from Design to es, BIM, BIM softwares and construction technology.

3.    Working knowledge of any prominent VDC software like Revit, Navisworks, Tekla and Civil 3D.

4.    Experience with dynamo and coding (python or equivalent) is desirable.

5.    Strong communication skills. 

6.    Experience with client relation management and team management is desirable 

7.    Bachelor’s degree or higher in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management or closely related field.  

8.    At least 2 years of experience in virtual design and construction, or 3+ years experience as engineer / planner in construction site.

About vConstruct

Building Better, Smarter, Faster is in our DNA

We are a team of 350+ enthusiastic construction engineering and technology experts who are passionate about increasing the predictability of building better products by applying smarter processes while striving for faster delivery. We provide services and solutions to the Construction Industry in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Project Controls Management, Accounting, Software Development, Data Science and Analytics. On any given day, we make an impact on 100+ construction projects across the globe through our services and solutions. 

We are a subsidiary of DPR Construction, a U.S.A. based technical builder that specializes in highly complex projects in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Advance Technology, Higher Education and Commercial buildings.

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